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RAM Consulting Services

We provide consulting and analysis services in a variety of RAM areas.

We are available for on-site or off-site consulting and analysis work.

RAM Requirements

The customer typically expresses their needs, expectations, and constraints in non-technical terms. Technical requirements need to be clear, unambiguous, and measurable. Developing reliability requirements is the process of translating user requirements into technical requirements.

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RAM Allocation

System level reliability requirements are important. Just as important is apportioning the system level requirement to subordinate hardware and software so these design teams have a goal that supports the system goal.

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RAM Modeling

Reliability models present a clear picture of functional interdependencies and provide a framework for developing quantitative product level RAM estimates. Simple RAM models can be analytically solved, whereas complex RAM models typically require simulation to solve.

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RAM Prediction

RAM predictions are forecasting methods that involve analysis of system characteristics and the use environment to estimate system reliability and maintainability. These predictions are performed prior to the item being developed, built, or fielded.

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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) or Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is a reliability evaluation and design review technique that examines potential failure modes, determines the effects of these failure modes, and identifies controls. The FMEA/FMECA is an inductive analysis that begins at the lowest level of the system hierarchy and traces up to the highest level.

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Fault Tree Analysis

Fault tree analysis (FTA) is a systematic, deductive methodology for defining a single specific undesired event and determining all possible reasons (failures) that could cause the undesired event to occur.

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Reliability Growth Testing

There will invariably be reliability and performance problems that could not be foreseen and eliminated during early design stages. Reliability growth testing exposes the system to the range of stresses that it is expected to encounter during it's life cycle in order to uncover these deficiencies.

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Survival Data Analysis

Survival data consists of in-house test data and field data. Typically survival data analysis is concerned with determining a life distribution that best describes the survival data and estimating the parameters of that distribution.

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Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Preventive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) is logical, structured framework for determining the optimum mix of applicable and effective maintenance tasks needed to sustain operational reliability at the desired level.

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Single Point Vulnerability Analysis

Single Point Vulnerability (SPV) analysis is concerned with identify all of the single components whose failure results in some undesired outcome.

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